Closet Code Advantage

Timeless Classics: Having a keen sense of colour and fabrics combined with an eye to detail, we design our products keeping in mind the latest fashion and trends while striking the perfect balance to make each product a unique and timeless collectible.

Trendy Fashion Forward Pieces: Creating quirky accessories that are fun and lighten up the otherwise mundane male attire form a part of our daily wear edition.

Festive/Corporate wear: Bespoke, luxury accessories curated for special occasions, drawing inspiration from the world around us - fashion, family, arts and entertainment, travel and more which gives the personal touch needed for our corporate, festive and wedding collection.

Our belief has grown into a range of accessories that lives up to the Closet Code standards, which focus on both quality and comfort for the fashion forward gentleman. Delivering products that are not only aesthetically appealing but ever-lasting and functional from a day to day perspective is what sets us apart - this is born as a result of meticulous detailing combined with a lot of effort and most importantly designing what we love!

When you love what you do, the end product is usually perfect and one with which we aim to bring a smile on our customers face!



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